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Returns & Refunds Policy


You have 60 days from receiving your order to return the item to LADY’S HAND.

You must fulfill the following terms and conditions to enable LADY'S HAND to proceed to the procedure of replacement of goods or refunding their value:

  • inform LADY'S HAND either through the contact form on the website or write to us at office@ladyshand.com an e-mail, titled "Cancel Order" / "Return Item", quoting the order number and the items you wish to cancel/return;
  • to wait for confirmation from LADY'S HAND, that the canceling / return may be performed;
  • to return the goods to LADY'S HAND using the services of an authorized courier, to the address indicated in the "Contact" section on our website. The package should be accompanied by a cash receipt (received with the contract).

1. Returned items must conform to our returns policy:

  • You must inform us about the return within 60 days of receiving the order. After this time we cannot guarantee that the LADY’S HAND will accept the order for a refund;
  • Please note we can only collect returns from the same country to which your order was delivered. If you have returned an item from a country other than your delivery country, you might have to pay additional import duties;
  • We strongly advise all customers to check the products thoroughly upon delivery before removing any attached tags and before disposing of any original packaging;
  • Items must be returned undamaged and within the original packaging and inside a protective shipping box;
  • If the conditions above do not comply, then the returned item will not comply with the returns policy. Consignment of returned products with a damaged packaging or damaged products’ quality due to improper packaging during transport, will be returned to you at your expense. If you refuse to accept the shipment, LADY'S HAND is not obliged to send it again. The consignment will be kept by LADY'S HAND within 30 calendar days. In this period you have the right to ask for returned goods only if you pay and organize its transportation;
  • Cost of courier services in all directions are your responsibility and not reimbursed, except in cases of a manufacturing defect.
  • LADY'S HAND does not commit to taking items from an office of the courier company;
  • In cases of returned items, LADY’S HAND refunds only the value of the items themselves, without the cost of the new delivery.

2. Returns and refunds for customized items.

Due to the nature of personalized items, returns, LADY’S HAND will make exceptions to the return policy at its own discretion in cases of poor quality production, personalization, or damage during delivery.

3. Replacements and refunds.

Once the LADY’S HAND has received your items and we assure their original appearance, packaging, and quality, we will offer you a credit to change the items or to receive a refund by a banking transaction. The transaction will take up to 14 working days to process.

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