The founder
Emil Popov

"The idea for Lady's Hand was born a few years ago around 2015 when we moved into our new house and I wanted to make a special place for my wife's handbags. I was looking for a product that would help me organize the bags and reduce their depreciation so that I wouldn't have to buy new ones too often. I was surprised to find that there was no such product so I decided to create one.

I own a company for financial services, located in Sofia, Bulgaria, but I also have an engineering education and thus, I was very intrigued to design and create such a product. The whole project was a challenge that required a lot of effort, resources, and overcoming various problems. I am really happy with the outcome and proud that we managed to create a product that people around the world find useful.“


The Design

The main priority was to design a hanger with a grip that doesn’t damage the straps of the handbags and a shape that ensures a stable hanging position. It was also very important for us that the hanger is elegant, smooth, and felt premium.

After many design iterations and testing various 3D printed models, we were confident we achieved our design goals and continued with establishing mass production. We also managed to protect the industrial design of the hanger across the entire globe.


After almost two years since the start of the project, in 2017 we established mass production. The production facility is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the custom machinery used for producing Lady’s Hand was also designed and produced in Bulgaria.

We make sure we uphold the highest standards throughout the whole chain of production. The hanger is made from the highest quality ABS polymer, which is heat and shock-resistant plastic and feels smooth and solid. It can hold a bag up to 5 kg in weight, without depreciating.


Lady's Hand Today

Lady’s Hand now is a well-established brand that is recognized worldwide. We wanted to create a good and useful product and we believe we achieved it - we are proud that since Lady’s Hand is being sold on the market, we have not had a single dissatisfied customer or request for a return. Every challenge along the way was worth the efforts and resources because we made a wonderful product that people use and appreciate.


Lady's Hand Ltd is a limited liability company based in the European Union.

The company was founded in 2015 and is a sole producer of the Lady’s Hand hanger and a sole owner of all intellectual property rights concerning the product’s patent, utility model, industrial designs and trademarks.

It was created particularly to design and produce the Lady’s Hand hanger project.

Company address: 172 Nishka Str., Sofia 1309, Bulgaria

Email: office@ladyshand.com

Telephone: +359878150044

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