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The Essential Bag Care

Improper storage is the main reason a bag depreciates. Lady’s Hand is specially designed to change this: The unique bearing element has a wider, curved grip, which prevents the straps from breaking or deforming. Keeping bags hanging will protect their original shape, while the lack of friction with other bags/surfaces reduces skin wear.

The Practical Organizational Tool

Finding a good spot to store your handbags is never easy, especially if you’re a freak about keeping things in order. With Lady’s Hand you can keep the purses off the shelf, and organize them anywhere you need. Its compact and elegant design allows convenient storage at home, office, gym, or even at fashion/boutique shops for handbags display.


Bearing Element

The wider, curved grip, which is inspired by the delicate shape of the female hand, prevents damage on the handles when hooked.

Compact, Elegant, Solid

Made from the highest quality ABS polymer, which is heat and shock-resistant. The hanger can carry up to 5 kg (11 lbs) in weight, without depreciating.

Vertical Storage

Guarantees the handbag’s excellent vertical hanging position. Storing bags hung significantly reduces depreciation of their body and skin.

Saves Time

Getting your collection organized becomes a no-brainer. Not having to constantly replace ruined purses will have a positive impact on your budget.



6 hangers

Lady's Hand - a box of 6 hangers
Color:  black Hangers in a box:  6 hangers Weight of the box: 300 grams Box measurements:  ...
€ 35.95

12 hangers

2 boxes of 6 hangers Lady's Hand
12 Lady's Hand Hangers
€ 67.95

18 hangers

3 boxes of Lady's Hand Hangers
Free delivery
18 Lady's Hand Hangers
€ 96.95

60 hangers

10 boxes of Lady's Hand hangers
Free delivery
10 boxes of Lady's Hand hangers 60 Handbag Hangers in total. Total weight: 3 kg; Weight of a single hanger: 29 grams;
€ 249.75


Made in EU


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